Service & Parts

Viking Wind Service offer a comprehensive range of maintenance services from routine planned wind turbine maintenance to emergency call out maintenance & repair services. Viking Wind Service technicians are skilled and qualified to carry out a full array of maintenance tasks across a broad range of wind turbine types.

At Viking Wind Service, our main objective is not only to provide installation of wind turbines but also provide all the aftercare support clients may require. It is crucial that wind turbines are professionally serviced on a routine basis to ensure maximum production. The key to prolonging the life span of your wind turbine is the implementation corrective service and maintenance practices.

We provide maintenance and service packages for all the main turbine manufactures incorporating all turbine models. All wind turbine maintenance technicians are also fully trained Rope Access members each fully IRATA certified performing the best possible practice when it comes to access.

Whether you have acquired your turbine from Viking Wind Service or another supplier, our servicing, maintenance and repair department is available to offer expert labour, advice and guidance.

Full Operational and maintenance contracts

When it comes to protecting your investment and keeping your wind turbines operational, no other Irish Independent Service Provider within the wind industry can compete with Viking Wind Service with regards to experience, flexibility and dedication.

The service agreement provided by Viking Wind Service comprises of both safeguard maintenance and scheduled maintenance. Safeguard maintenance verifies the turbine is functional and comprises of best practise adjustments which may be essential to ensure the equipment remains in Good Working Order. Scheduled Maintenance involves annual inspections as per the manufactures directives certifying the turbine is in good working order.

Blade Maintenance and Repair

Viking Wind Services provides an array of industry leading blade inspection and repair expertise. Our service technicians are highly trained having acquired all the relevant blade repair training knowledge currently available within the market. Repairs are recorded through a systematic step-by-step processes for quality control purposes. For all our clients the maximisation of return on capital outlay begins prior to purchase and extends throughout the life span of the blade.

As determined by all major Wind turbine manufacturers, blades are designed to last approximately 20 years. Unfortunately, without appropriate maintenance many blades won’t reach this determined life cycle. Together with gearboxes and bearings, blades are essentially wear components. The blades of a wind turbine are required to fulfil several functions from being aerodynamic to structurally stable. Wind turbine blades can sustain damage or deterioration created through several factors. Over time issues such as lightning strikes and ice can lead to serious damage causing a reduction in productivity. To keep them turning and generating at their prime output capacity they need to be examined and maintained on a regular basis by trained & qualified blade technicians.

Our services include:

  • Blade Inspections (Scanning)
  • Blade Repair
  • Blade Cleaning
  • Tower Cleaning
  • Testing and Appraisal