Drone Operation

drone1Latest advances in technology have made the use of drones a viable reality for those operating and maintaining wind farms and other energy resources.

Drones offer benefits such as a reduced requirement for the operation of personnel ascending hard to reach areas at height (with the monetary savings and enhanced health and safety features that are generated) as well as providing an increased level of sophisticated data exploration and asset observation through high resolution pictures and complementary application software.

As part of our repair and maintenance operations we employ the use of an Inspire 1 drone within external service operations. Fully licenced by our trained technicians and used within the process of screening and evaluation techniques carried out on individual service operations. This procedure incorporates both photo evidence and video recordings used to document the systematic step-by-step processes for inspection and quality control purposes.

We also offer the use of this operation to independent clients who require exploratory footage required for both examination and profiling of various projects.drone2