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We have recently established a parent electricity broker company called “Green Grid Limited”, which is solely responsible for the sale of electricity produced within our projects onto the SEMO, “Single Electricity Market”. Our team of brokers excel in the analysis of current and future markets providing our customers with the best prices available for their electricity. If you are in need of an electrical broker to maximise the returns on your investment within the wind industry please contact us for more information

Supplier Selling your power now………….

The SEM is controlled by the SEMO, “Single Electricity Market Operator”, a partnership between EirGrid and SONI, the transmission system operatives in Ireland and Northern Ireland respectively. SEMO is responsible for governing the marketplace, including remunerating generators for their electricity generated and invoicing suppliers for the electricity they have purchased.

The current SEM structure involves identical generators producing the same power at corresponding timeframes receiving the same revenues i.e. Shared SMP and Capacity Payment. Within this structure there is a transparency of prices received from wind turbine operators. The wind prices offered by the SEM are relatively close to the average prices. Generators used that are <10mw can be registered as negative demand. This therefore enables a relatively low cost to operate within the SEM.


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The ISEM is coming!!!! How will suppliers sell your power in the future……?

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This European Objective is a development incorporated within the Third Energy Package.  It is the unified term for a comprehensive list of new collective EU strategies, procedures and regulations to be implemented enabling a single EU-wide wholesale electricity market.  This electrical unification across the European Union is one of the medium term objectives within the Third Package. The application of these collective EU strategies, procedures and regulations across the European Union will enable electricity and gas to be transferred without restrictions across the Union.

The wholesale electrical market within Ireland is due to transform considerably in order to adjust of the requirements of the new European Network regulations and the Target Model, including a change to four market timeframes. Key features of the new I-SEM (Integrated – Single Electricity Market) policy include:

  • Real-time involvement by supplier companies – tendering bids to acquire energy in the day-ahead and intraday markets.
  • Brokers and generators paying / being paid in relation to prices and capacities determined through (forward, day-ahead and intraday) trading.
  • Cross-border power flows determined by energy market exchanges and electrical power movement from the cheaper to the more expensive bidding region.


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