Repair & Service

Repair and modification of gearbox components

The repair and alteration of wind turbines is a difficult undertaking because of the weight and height. As an independent service company our customers can depend on our extensive wind turbine know-how, detailed evaluation and technical reports. We are currently engaged in an increasing number of gearbox refurbishment projects.

  • Preventive maintenance 
    Preventive maintenance helps to prevent future unplanned breakdowns and potentially costly repairs.
    Vibration investigation is an effective practice for monitoring the condition of the gears and bearings to determine the root cause of machine failure.
  • Gear Deterioration (e.g. scoring, abrasive wear)
  • Bearing Imperfections (cage fractures, inner/outer ring damage)
  • Configuration Errors
  • Looseness
  • Imbalance
  • Resonance Areas

Turbine Generator Repair Services:

With wind turbines situated in typically isolated sites and with the related difficulty in removing and replacing generators, the need for the uppermost possible level of quality and reliability throughout the wind turbine generator repair procedure is crucial.

At Viking Wind Service we acknowledge the importance of this and have invested in the newest repair and test equipment to guarantee that every aspect of the generator is inspected and tested during the wind turbine generator repair process with the sole purpose of reducing the chance of unexpected failure.

Everything we do, including wind generator repair, generator unit exchange, and up-tower repair, is supported by one standard for safety, quality, repair strategies and commercial provisions. Do business with Viking Wind Service and you’re doing business with them all. The effectiveness and additional value of our single-source wind turbine service capabilities make owning or running wind turbines and generators more predictable and more cost-effective.

Viking Wind Service technicians recognize the cost of turbine generator repair goes well beyond rewinding the generator. Factors such as the mobilization of large cranes and the unavailability of turbine for power generation during the repair phase can increase the costs considerably. This is why Viking Wind Service gets it right the first time, offering the shortest repair schedules that conform to high quality engineered solutions.

Our experienced team of technicians and engineers are some of the most qualified within the industry. Each month, a wide range of generators and motors visit Viking Wind Services 3 service centres, where a variety of refurbishment activities are performed.

Key work scopes for Turbine Generators include :

Rewinds Condition Assessment
Upgrades Bearing Replacement
Repairs Mechanical Repairs
Modernization Core Repair and Restack
Design Variations Weld Repair